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The University of Alberta is one of the top 5 universities in Canada and top 100 in the world. Our professors are award-winning researchers and instructors. Our students are passionate and engaged. Our alumni have an impact around the world. We take pride in our campus community, with a tradition of excellence going back to 1908.

There are amazing resources and opportunities for students here in Edmonton and Alberta, as well as hundreds of study abroad programs across the globe. We have over 200 undergraduate program options to choose, as well as several campus and residence options. We administer $22 million each year in scholarships and awards – plus, there are many ways to get involved and get the most out of your degree.

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"What are the admission steps? What are the subject requirements for my program? What high school courses do I need? What if I am from another province? What are the requirements for professional programs? How do I submit my transcripts? Are there any other documents that I need to send in? When is the opening application date? When can I apply for residence? How do I apply for scholarships and awards? Do I need a study permit if I am an international student in Canada? How do I access my UAlberta email? How do I sign in to Bear Tracks? How will I be notified by the University? How do I accept my offer of admission? When can I begin to register in courses?"

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