Register in courses

Need help registering for your first-year classes? Attend a Registration 101 Workshop!

Registration 101 Workshops allow students to:

  • Attend a formal presentation outlining how to navigate the Bear Tracks system for the purpose of course selection and registration
  • Search university courses and add them to your first-year schedule
  • Ask UAlberta representatives your registration questions

For more information about admission to the University of Alberta, please visit Admissions Steps.

Registration FAQs

I have received an Offer of Admission to the University of Alberta - now what?

Congratulations on receiving an Offer of Admission! Please check your Bear Tracks to see what we will need from you in order to meet the conditions listed on your offer letter. You can find this information by reviewing your offer letter, as well as looking under Application Status » To Do List. This will give you a comprehensive listing of all the documentation we need, and what we have already received from you to date.

When can I start registering in courses?

After you have accepted your offer and paid your deposit, you will be eligible to register in courses, once course registration opens. Your Enrolment Appointment Date, which you can find in Bear Tracks, will indicate the date on which course registration will open for you (for most high school applicants, registration for the upcoming Fall and Winter terms will open in early April). 

After you have accepted your offer and paid your deposit, but before your Enrolment Appointment Date, you can build a draft schedule in Bear Tracks. On or after your Enrolment Appointment Date, you can simply transfer your draft schedule into your live course schedule, so you won’t have to add all your courses again. Learn more »

What courses am I supposed to register in?

Each degree program has a different set of required courses. Some degrees have a lot of flexibility in the courses you can take, and some are very structured. It is important to check on the University of Alberta Calendar and the Faculty Tip Sheets for specific information about your chosen program.

The courses I want are all full - what should I do?

You can place classes that are full on your Watch List in Bear Tracks. When spaces become available in your desired class, the system will notify you either by email or SMS messaging if you enable the service. You can continue to add, drop and change classes in your fall schedule until the add/drop deadline in September 2017 without penalty.

Note: Students must have received an Offer of Admission in order to access course scheduling information in Bear Tracks. Students must have accepted their offer of admission, which includes paying a $500 tuition deposit, in order to register in classes.

How do I get help with registration?

For help selecting what courses to take, the University of Alberta Calendar is your best resource for information on degree requirements. You can browse through the course catalogue on Bear Tracks to find out more about specific courses. If you have issues with course registration, you can contact your faculty's undergraduate office for further assistance. We also host Registration 101 workshops in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and online. Register for a Reg 101 workshop »

Can I get transfer credit for AP/IB coursework?

If the AP/IB work you completed qualifies for transfer credit, it will automatically be granted to you once your AP/IB transcripts are received. There are other types of advanced standing options for AP/IB students. You also have the option to decline transfer credit if you wish. To learn more, please visit the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) pages.

How can I switch programs?

  • Applicants are able to change the program choices on their application, even after they have submitted it. If you are wishing to change your program choices, please fill out the Admission Application Program Change Form, then return it to us via the contact form or by dropping it off at Student Connect
  • If you submit a program change request after the application deadline has passed (March 1), you can only switch the priority of your two program choices; you cannot add a new program choice. 
  • Please note that only one program change request per application is accepted. 

What other tips should I consider when choosing a course?

It’s important to ask yourself a few questions in order to pick a schedule that works for you. Here’s a few things to consider: 

  • Are you an early riser or do you like to sleep in? 8 a.m. class means 8 a.m. midterms!  
  • Do you need to allow time to commute to campus? 
  • What buildings are classes in? Take a look at the campus map to help plan your route » 
  • Check the campus — AUBIO (Augustana) vs. Biology 
  • Check the language of instruction — Biologie vs Biology 
  • Consider what is required for each course in addition to the lecture: is there a lab or seminar?

What other important terms should I know?

We’ve put some important terms that you will see in Bear Tracks below. 

  • Add a class
    • Used when you already know the exact classes to enrol in
    • This is the quickest way to add a class
  • Drop a class
    • Used when you want to remove a class you have enrolled in from your schedule
    • You can drop a class from your schedule without financial or academic penalty until the add/drop registration deadline (September 18, 2017)
  • Swap classes
    • Swap an enrolled class with a new class
    • Will not drop current class until system has confirmed space is available in new class
  • Watch List
    • Useful when you want to enrol in a class that is full
    • Ability to add to Watch List will only be displayed if the class is full
  • Prerequisite course
    • A specific course that must be completed before you can take a course at the next level
For step-by-step instructions on using the above features access the Bear Tracks Guide »

Additional Resources

If you were unable to attend a Registration 101 workshop, check out the following resources to help with first-year course selection and registration: