International Students

We are home to a friendly community of over 6,500 international students, including many just like you who have completed their high school in Canada. In total, over 39,000 Canadian and international students study and live together at the U of A, in a welcoming and academically focused setting.

International students in Canada: Are you an international student currently enrolled at a high school or language school in Canada? Then this is the website for you! See the links below for more information on language requirements and how to apply, or view our handbook

International students outside Canada: If you are an international student enrolled in a high school outside of Canada (or have already completed high school outside of Canada), please visit our International Admissions website.

Language Requirements

All students are required to demonstrate English Language Proficiency (ELP) – in addition to meeting the general admission requirements for one's program of choice. 

Visit Language Requirements to learn more about how you can meet our English Language Proficiency Requirements, including TOEFL and IELTS exams.

Study Permits

As an international student in Canada applying to university, you must apply for a study permit from the government of Canada – even if you already have a valid study permit to attend high school in Canada. You can use your Letter of Admission to start your study permit application. For more information on immigration and application requirements, consult the Government of Canada website. Please note that the study permit application process can take up to three months to complete, so you should start well in advance of your program start date.

Scholarships & Awards

As an international student you are eligible for a variety of entrance scholarships, including some reserved specifically for international students studying in Canada – students just like you! Scholarships reward students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement or exceptional leadership qualities.

Learn more about scholarships and awards for international students »

Tuition and Fees

The cost of your education will vary depending on your program of study and your choice of living arrangements. Our online cost calculator allows you to create a personalized estimate for first year, including residence options. You can also visit Tuition and Scholarships for more information.

Use our online cost calculator to estimate your tuition and fees »

International Student Services

The University of Alberta offers many specialized services for international students coming from Canada and abroad including orientation, social events, festivals, advising, and workshops to further your academic, personal, and career goals.

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