Tuition & Scholarships

Start with a plan

Receive financial advice at every stage of your academic career — from scholarship and awards advising to bursaries. Attend workshops available year-round where you can learn more about student loans or simply everyday budgeting hacks.

The cost of your education will depend on several factors, including your choice of program and whether you choose to live in residence. Use our Cost Calculator to create a more personalized estimate for your first year. Also be sure to explore scholarship and award options.

Current students can find information on money matters such as scholarships, awards, and financial support on the Office of the Registrar website. 

Tuition & Fees

The following sample estimate is for Canadian (domestic) students,1 based on 2016-17 fee levels, and assumes a full course load in a general Arts program. Tuition fees for other programs may vary. Tuition and non-instructional fees are also subject to change every year.

Need more details? Use our Cost Calculator for a personalized estimate of your first-year costs

Sample Cost Estimates for First Year
Tuition Fees $5,321
Non-Instructional Fees(1) $1,570
Books & Supplies $1,600
TOTAL $8,491
Residence & Meal Plan(2) $7,153
TOTAL (in residence) $15,644
1 Tuition fees for international students, including international students in Canada on a study permit, will be higher. Use the Cost Calculator to calculate international tuition fees.
2 Non-instructional fees include student services such as health & wellness, athletics & recreation, and the U-Pass transit pass. For complete information about tuition and fees at the University of Alberta, visit Costs, Tuition, Fees.
3 Based on a shared room in Lister Hall for eight months, including a mid-range meal plan. For a complete listing of fees and options, please visit Residence Services.

Scholarships, Awards, & Financial Support

The Office of the Registrar administers over $23 million in scholarships, awards, bursaries, and emergency loans to undergraduate students each year. Additional funding and resources are also available from external sources.

Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships are just one of many financial supports available to first-year students. There is a variety of scholarships available each year to students entering directly from high school. There are also awards offered specifically for out-of-province students. 

Values, eligibility requirements, and application steps differ for each competition. In order to apply for a scholarship, you first need to apply for admission.

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Financial Support

Coming up with a financial plan for university can be complicated. That’s why the University of Alberta offers a number of financial supports to help first-year and continuing students figure out how pay for their education, including:

  • Scholarship and award advising
  • Student loan advising
  • Bursaries, emergency student loans, and advising
  • Money Talks workshops

If you’re not sure what type of financial support you are seeking or are eligible for, set up a meeting with one of our student financial support advisors through Student Connect.

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