Parents and Families

As a parent or family member, you play an important role in helping your student make the right choices and get the most out of their university experience. We’d like to provide you with tips and information on how you can support your student as they begin their university journey. You can also find these details in our Parents and Families Handbook

The University of Alberta is a diverse and welcoming community of students, professors, and staff – a thriving city-within-a-city that still retains a small-campus feel. We are ranked as one of the Top 5 universities in Canada and Top 100 in the world.

Your student will excel here

We’ve spent over 100 years honing our skills at producing the future leaders, researchers, and humanitarians of tomorrow.

Program Options

As a top-tiered, research-based university, we are able to offer students a wide range of programs suited to a variety of career goals and aspirations, including 200+ undergraduate program options across 16 faculties and three teaching campuses. The best way to explore all of our undergraduate program options and requirements is to visit our Programs and Requirements search tool.

How to Apply

Visit Admission Steps for a step-by-step guide to the application process.

An experience as unique as them

An enriched immersive learning experience is what your student will get. From work experience programs, Honors and Certificate programs, and study abroad opportunities, there are hundreds of ways that students can tailor their degree to their interests. Have a look at our Viewbook to learn more.

Setting them up for success

University can be a big leap for students with a significant investment in terms of time, money, and effort. Students are also trying to balance the expectations from parents, professors, and even themselves. Start the discussion about grade expectations, extracurricular involvement, and work hours, now.

Our experts can help

“What program should I take?”, “What are the requirements?”, and “What can I do with that degree?”, are quite common questions – and our expert staff are here to help! We can put you in touch with faculty and program advisors, and we also offer admissions advising at our many events throughout the year.

How you can help

Encourage your student to explore their options and keep an open mind. Some programs begin with a general first year of studies, giving students time to discover their aptitudes and interests. It's also quite normal for students to change majors and programs during their first few years as an undergraduate as their interests change and their ambitions grow. 

The most important things you can do for your student as they prepare to enter university are to empower them to make informed decisions and to encourage their curiosity.

Workload and time management

At times, this can seem overwhelming – especially in first year. Encourage your student to build study time (and breaks) into their schedule, maintain a manageable workload, stay on top of their assignments, and access the many services and supports that are available to them. 

A weekly timetable typically involves 15 hours of lecture time per week, plus labs for some courses. And for every hour spent in class, students can count on at least one to two hours of reading and assignments. As a result, a 40- to 60-hour “work week” is typical.

Student Support

From tutoring and academic advising, to health care and mental wellness, to business and mentorship networks, student success at the U of A is everyone’s goal. Learn more »

Transition to University (T2U)

T2U is an online workshop designed for newly admitted students, to be taken before their first semester. T2U covers all the basics of academic and campus life, as well as university policies. Learn more »

Family Orientation for parents

Learn more about how university can affect your student, how you can support your student, and what services are available on campus. Family Orientation programs are available to parents, guardians, and any student newly admitted to the U of A.

Tuition and Scholarships

We provide financial advice at every stage of your student’s academic career — from scholarship and awards advising to needs-based funding options, and workshops available year-round.

Scholarships and awards

Scholarships can significantly offset the cost of a degree. The U of A administers over $22 million in student awards each year, including major entrance awards. Learn more »


Tuition cost will vary depending on the choice of program and living arrangements. The best way to estimate your students tuition is to use our Cost Calculator

Payment options & deadlines

For information on when and how to pay the $125 application fee, the $500 tuition deposit, and final tuition fees, visit payment options.

Student Life on Campus

Living on campus

Living in residence is a great way to meet fellow students and get a head start — with many services to help them successfully make the transition to university life. April 30, 2017 is the deadline to apply for residence and be guaranteed housing.

Students can apply for residence online. Explore all our dorm room and meal plan options »

After class

Urge your student to get involved. It’s one of the best ways for students to become more engaged and to connect with their peers. Students can choose from over 450 groups and clubs. Learn more » 

Students also have free admission to all regular season varsity games! They can cheer on our Golden Bears (Men’s), Pandas (Women’s), and Vikings (Augustana) teams on their way to winning National Championships. But you and your student could check out our game schedules to see one now.

Staying Active

Your student has access to all of our recreation facilities — including swimming pools, fitness centres, indoor track and pavilion, gymnasiums, racquetball and squash courts, ice arena, dance studios, and an indoor climbing wall! See more »

The neighbourhood

North Campus is located on the cusp of North America’s largest green belt — the North Saskatchewan River Valley, making commuting to school picturesque. Or as a U-pass holder students can use public transit to easily explore the whole city. Learn more about Edmonton »

Safety on Campus

The University of Alberta takes student safety, as well as physical and mental well-being, extremely seriously. University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) patrol our campuses 24 hours a day, and first responders such as fire, police, and ambulance service our community as well. However, emergency situations are rare, and all university staff work hard to foster a safe and supportive learning environment year round.

Emergency Notifications

Our Emergency Notification System is a robust and comprehensive service that can quickly alert students and staff of emergency situations no matter where they are, via several media, including email, text, and phone.

Residence Safety

Residence Services also employs a wide variety of security measures in conjunction with UAPS, including:

  • ID checkpoints
  • Door buzzers and proximity access cards
  • Security cameras
  • Single-button emergency contact through any campus payphone
  • 24 hour on-call Residence Services staff


Safewalk provides students with a free and safe alternative to walking alone at night. Male and female chaperones will escort students anywhere around the university community and within five blocks of any LRT station.

Dates & Deadlines

Please familiarize yourself with these important dates and deadlines:

Communications & Privacy

Communications Policy

All official correspondence regarding awards and admissions will occur online, in Bear Tracks, with key notifications sent via email. Few, if any, correspondences will be sent via regular mail. Note: Some faculties and departments may correspond via regular mail.

The University holds students responsible for ensuring that messages sent to these accounts are reviewed and acted on promptly.

Therefore, it is imperative that students monitor their Bear Tracks and UAlberta email account on a regular basis. Students access Bear Tracks and UAlberta email account using their Campus Computing ID (CCID).

Privacy Policy

Alberta's FOIP Act governs public bodies to ensure accountability and openness to personal information collected. The Act protects the privacy of individuals, regulating the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

The University of Alberta Information and Privacy Office has established guidelines for the implementation of this act. Some sections of the FOIP Act affect access of information for parents of students.

While we recognize that parents and families may have the best of intentions when seeking information on behalf of their student, we cannot legally release information regarding a student's application, file, or academic standing to anyone other than the student, without the student's prior written consent. This applies whether or not the student is a minor.


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